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The 2018 ACCF Raffle

was drawn on

November 26th

The Fund's 2018 Raffle was a stand alone event. The feedback that we've received on the previously associated Annual Reunion is that every year is too frequent. This is supported by the significant drop in numbers attending over recent times.

We staged an enhanced Raffle with a great range of prizes designed to be attractive to donors and a good fundraiser for the ACCF. In fact we raised over £2,000 'profit' after all of the costs had been accounted for.

The Raffle was drawn in the BA Crew Report Centre in Terminal 5 and here are some pictures of a very successful day.

Raffle 2018aRaffle 2018bRaffle 2018c

There are great sets of photos of the 2014 day (and of previous Raffle Reunion days) on the Internet here:-


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Here are a choice few of our In-House record of previous Reunions.




Team 2011
DrawVC10 2011


Tombola Table

The Air Cabin Crew Fund is very grateful for regular support from Adrian Meredith Photography, Brooklands Museum,

Plane Savers, Kempton Park Race Course and The British Airways Heritage Collection at the Speedbird Centre



Adrian Meredith





2019 Memorial Day is to be held in the Memorial Garden at Brooklands Museum on July 11th @ 1500

The Air Cabin Crew Fund extends its sympathy to our friends and colleagues at the National Trust and at Clandon Park following the extraordinary fire that took place on Wednesday April 29th 2015

Please Click Here For Information

It has been decided that future Memorial Days will be held in the Memorial Garden at Brooklands Museum until there is more clarity about the future availability of Clandon Park. Additionally, in recognition of our long standing connection with Clandon, the Fund has sent a donation towards their reparations.

Recent projections indicate that the Park may not re-open until 2023.

On an overcast day the 2014 Memorial Day was held at Clandon Park near Guildford on Monday 30th June.

2015 #5

At 3pm the Reverend John Ackland, an Honorary Life Member of the Fund, started the ceremony by welcoming 165 family and friends of our dear colleagues who have sadly passed away whilst in service or since retirement.

Following two minutes of silent tribute and remembrance, wreaths were laid in memory.


Below Val Rycraft, ACCF President, laying a white wreath on behalf of The Fund.

A blue wreath was laid by Chris Field (Worldwide Fleet) on behalf of all current Cabin Crew.

A red wreath was laid by Jacques Hylkema and Amy James on behalf of British Airways.

2014 #3

There was the reading of the names of those who have passed in recollection of loved ones followed by the traditional reading of the anonymous poem "Miss Me".

For more information about Clandon and Memorial Day please click HERE

2014 #4

Heads bowed as "Miss Me" is read by the Reverend John Ackland..

For more photos taken at the 2014 Memorial Day please click HERE


Vouchers And Cheques

The 6 monthly cheque sent to those of our colleagues who are away from work on Long Term Sick Leave is £500.00. The Air Cabin Crew Fund send the following to our sick colleagues who are Fund members:

At 3 weeks a Card and £50.00 Marks & Spencer voucher

At 6 weeks a Card and £50.00 Marks & Spencer voucher

At 3, 4 & 5 months a Card and cheque for £125.00

At 6 months a Card and cheque for £500.00

Every month thereafter until fit a Card and a cheque for £125.00

We hope that you'll never need the support that you offer to others.



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